FaithWalkers 4 is a Southern Gospel Trio with members Brenda Holbrook (General Manager, Lead Vocals), Gary Everidge (Baritone Vocals), and Erica Hoglen (Soprano Vocals). The group is based in Asheville, Columbus, and Statesville, NC. 

FaithWalkers 4 believe that God sent his only Son into the world for no other reason than to give his life for the remission of our unforgiveable nature of sin. That promise is made true to us in Gods word. (John 3:16) Our desire is to share Jesus Christ with the world. Our hope is that each and everyone individual we meet would either have an existing relationship with Jesus or come to know him through the Word, Testimony, and/or blessing of His Holy Spirit.

The integrity of our Ministry is founded upon the personal relationship each of us have with God. Brenda, Gary, and Erica are not immune to tragedy, hurt, betrayal, loss, or pain and suffering. As Christians, we find ourselves a target for the enemy. However, the GOOD news is that we KNOW more than ever whom our Creator is and understand that by his own choice, He sacrificed himself  for us. Regardless of the battle, we are guaranteed VICTORY! Because of His LOVE for us as Sinners, God HIMSELF made a way! He came out of His perfect Heaven into a world filled with darkness to become the light that shines within each of our Souls! His sacrifice delivers us from suffering. His JOY provides a refuge from the storms of life. Never could we repay the debt he settled in our name; but for as long as he will allow, we'll share His Glory, Praise His Name, and Worship His magnificence. 

Please join us in Prayer as we strive to answer God's Call to Ministry.  For Booking information, please reference our Contact Page.